June 24th 2016

Fifty-two short stories. 140 Pages. Gumbo Press.
June 24th 2016

This third volume of Tim Stevenson’s work includes prizewinning stories that have been collected here for the first time from the National Flash-Fiction Day anthologies and elsewhere, and the first collection of his 100 character ‘centipieces’.

“Tim is not afraid to document the extremes and complexities of both the familiar and the strange: the macro details of people, places, and events put under the microscope for careful scrutiny. He is a master of scene-setting and also engaging, darkly humorous, and lyrical. These stories turn up the volume in the world of flash-fiction.”

- Jane Roberts. Co-founder and editor at Literary Salmon

Within these pages you will discover, amongst other things, why you should never believe everything you see on TV, why there aren't as many tea shops around as there should be, what squirrels do in the night, and the real story behind the little black dress.

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